We undertake the import of full range of hybrid, electric and other types of cars from abroad, for companies, individuals and private individuals. 


When ordering cars, our customers usually ask us the following questions: 


Where and whom are the cars ordered from?

- In Europe, we are contracted with dealers and auction companies. We only offer cars imported from individuals and companies.

Ha Én autót szeretnék vásárolni és úgy döntök, hogy az Önök által javasolt autórendelést választom, mit kell tennem, hogy hozzájussak az általam megvásárolni kívánt gépkocsihoz?

What should I do to get the car that I want to choose from your offers?

- Upon request, a deposit of EUR 600 is required to order the car (this amount will be returned at the time of cancellation*). If we find a car that suits your needs either domestically or abroad (color / vintage / type / kilometer, running / equipment, etc.), then the amount of € 600 you would already occupy should be completed to 30% of the car's purchase price. We undertake the delivery of the car, its placing on the market / transcription. And you only have to pay the total purchase price of the car - the remaining 70% - and the above stated costs at the time of receipt.

What type of quality guarantee can you provide with the cars you sell?

- Each car is equipped with a plate and a kilometer guarantee. In addition, we provide a full 1 year warranty on all cars purchased from us.


We kindly ask all interested parties to contact our colleagues for more details and car order information, who are willing to answer the questions of our prospective Customers during their working hours.